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Katie Kadan Wiki

Katie Kadan is 38 years old and from Chicago, USA. She is an American Singer, keyboardist, Famous Personality and Songwriter. During the blind auditions, the 38-year-old blew everyone away with a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s song “Baby I Love You”.

Katie Kadan entered “The Voice” with a bang and joined John Legend’s team. Katie was involved in church and sang in the choir, but never sang by herself and The Voice season 17’s Live Playoffs kicked off on Monday, packing 20 live performances into a two-hour episode on NBC.

Katie Kadan Career

According to her Bio from NBC, Katie was surrounded by music from a young age and joined Chicago’s All God’s Children’s Choir when she was 10. She spent the next decade singing in church and choirs but never had the confidence to perform on her own. Katie taught music on the side but always felt something was missing.

At the age of 30, she did an open mic and was floored by the positive response, so she started booking gigs and slowly began to accept herself. For the past seven years, Katie has been more spirited than ever while singing professionally in Chicago’s blues community and hopes to spread her message of body positivity.

On her Instagram account, she posted “I look at myself in the mirror and say I’m STRONG, I’m SMART, I’m TALENTED, and I’m as SEXY as I’ve ever been,” writes Katie. “No one can tell me different anymore. Those haters can take a seat! … I know I can do this! I’ve received messages from you guys that have made me cry tears of joy, and made my heart melt. I thank my family, friends, and people I don’t know who supports me. I love all of you and I humbly thank you for your encouragement.”

Katie was into music from a very young age and she remembers having family jams and her cousins & sisters playing a huge part in the music she loves. On Katie’s official website, she referred to as the imaginary love child of Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Janis Joplin.

Furthermore, her voice is called a “force of nature” and Kadan’s passion for the song is equally matched by the power, range, control, and musicality in her voice. Additionally, she has released several songs on her own and in Spotify, she has 3 songs uploaded. “Don’t Lie to Me”, “No More Tears”, and “Stand in Line”.

Katie Kadan Age

How old is Katie Kadan? was born in 1981 and from Chicago, USA. However, there is not much information about her father, mother, and siblings.

Curently, she has 25k plus followers on Instagram. On September 25, 2019, she posted the picture of her family and captioned “It was such a magical night last night. I got to watch the voice with a few of my family members and friends. Ok, maybe more than a few!.”

Katie Kadan Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth of her is $300K USD as of 2019.

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