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Karla Amador Wiki [Carolina Cortez], Age, Bio, Cameron James Pettit

Karla Amador aka Carolina Cortez

Karla Amador aka Carolina Cortez is an adult film star and sex worker. She has been accused of providing services as a sex worker to the late rapper Mac Miller in the days before his death.

Recently, Cameron James Pettit friend of Mac Miller has been charged in connection with the death of the rapper Mac Miller. Where Mac died at the age of 26, due to an overdose, Mac has been found dead at his California home in Los Angeles.

On September 4, Pettit is accused of giving Miller oxycodone pills that were counterfeit and contained traces of fentanyl. Miller’s autopsy revealed he died due to a combination of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol. Pettit was charged with distribution of a controlled substance, a drug trafficking charge that carries up to 20 years in federal prison.

According to the document, Pettit indirectly delivered pills to Miller two days before his death on September 5, 2018, through an associate and sent the pills via delivery by a woman named Karla Amador, a sex worker who also goes by the name Carolina Cortez.

On September 5, 2018, Amador was the one to personally deliver the drugs to Miller, According to DEA Special Agent Tommy Fung. Another woman named Mia Johansson is also involved in this and she is the Pettit’s associate.

Karla Amador Career

Karla Amador aka Carolina Cortez is a sex worker and adult star. Moreover, the Twitter account is filled with extreme graphic and her previous Twitter account was deleted. On the other hand, her Instagram page has less graphic than her Twitter page.

Curently, she has 60,000 followers and also has an account under her alias. Karla used to work as a Sex worker and was associated with Mac Miller.

Who is Cameron James Pettit?

Cameron James Pettit is 28 years old and from Granite Bay, California. He works as an executive chef at the Sayers Club and he has been charged in connection with the death of the rapper Mac Miller.

Earlier, he was arrested in Placer County, California in 2010. He was charged with false identification to a peace officer, possession of a switch-blade knife and felony possession of a designated controlled substance in January 2010 and spent 30 days in jail, which he had already served, and three years of probation.

Later, in April 2010, Pettit was charged with petty theft and brandishing a replica gun in a threatening manner and he pleaded no contest to both charges and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years of probation in that case as well.

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