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Julianna Farrait Wiki [Frank Lucas’ Wife], Age, Kids, Net Worth, Family, Bio

Julianna Farrait

Julianna Farrait was born in 1941 and from New Jersey. She is popularly known as the spouse of Frank Lucas who was an American Drug Trafficker and Smuggler. Furthermore, she is a former Drug Dealer, Criminal Spouse, and Famous personality.

Julianna Farrait Family

Julianna’s father and mother were one of the healthiest personalities in Puerto Rico. Later, Julianna completed her High School education in Puerto Rico and she was a Homecoming Queen during her High School days.

Julianna Farrait Husband

She dated and married her Husband “Frank Lucas” and this couple shares three children each other, two sons named Ray Lucas, and Frank Lucas Jr (Actor) and Daughter named Francie Lucas Sinclair.

Moreover, Julianna also has four step kids Ruby Lucas, Candance, Betty, and Tony Walters. In fact, she met her husband when Lucas was on a trip to Puerto Rico and since then they started dating each other. Later, Farrait was also involved in the illegal activities done by her husband.

In fact, her lifestyle inspired the character named Eva in the film named “American Gangster” in 2007. Later, this movie was nominated for the Academy Awards in Various Category. Ridley Scott was the Director of this project and this movie featured Lymari Nadal Portrayed the role of Julianna, and Denzel Washington as Lucas.

American Gangster

In an Interview, Farrait told that she was addicted to Materialistics things and Valued Money more than anything in her life. In fact, Frank Lucas Net Worth is $ 30 Billion USD as of 2019 and she enjoyed a lavish lifestyle throughout early life. Once, she gifted Lucas an expensive Chinchilla Coat worth $ 100,000 USD with matching Hat and in 1970 he attended a Muhammad Ali Boxing match in Atlanta wearing that Coat.

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In 1960, Frank Lucas used to operate in Harlem and rule for a decade. In 1976, Lucas got arrested was sentenced for 70 years but in 1981 he was released for serving for 5 years. Later, in 1984 he got convicted again and in 1981 he was discharged after serving for Seven years.

Earlier, in 1975 Lucas was caught into the custody and the authorities seized $ 584,000 USD. Frank Lucas died on May 30, 2019, at the age of 88 and his family members told that he passed away natural at his home at New Jersey.

Julianna was also arrested for hiding the cash in their New Jersey home and she was also accused of throwing Bags filled with cash out of the Bathroom Window during the raid. Furthermore, for some time she was separated from Lucas after completing her time from Jail.

On May 20, 2010, Julianna was caught by Polie after tried to sell 2 KG of Cocaine at a Hotel in Puerto Rico. Then, in a Court hearing, she did not say anything but asked the Judge to speak in Spanish. In February 2012, she was sentenced to 5 years of Imprisonment by Laura Taylor.

Julianna Farrait Age

How old is Julianna Farrait? was born in 1941 and from New Jersey and she is 78 years old as of 2019. Furthermore, she also launched “Yellow Brick Road” and it’s a website that provided resources to the Children of Imprisoned Parents.

Julianna Farrait Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth of her is about $ 30 Billion USD as of 2019. She stands 5 feet 4 Inch tall and weighs around 56 KG.

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