Who is Joe LaCava? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wife

Joe LaCava is Tiger Woods’ Caddie. Since 2011, Joe LaCava has worked with the already 15-time major winner. Tiger Woods makes his comeback to the Masters in 2022 after a two-year absence, but some fans are curious about his caddy Joe LaCava.

Who is Joe LaCava?

Joe LaCava

Joe LaCava has been Tiger Woods’ caddy since 2011. After a tumultuous breakup with former bagman Steve Williams, who had worked with Woods for 13 years, Joe LaCava joined the Tiger Woods bag.

He began his career as a caddy for his cousin Ken Green in 1987, after being born in Newtown, Connecticut. LaCava joined Woods following a four-year stint with Dustin Johnson, during which Johnson progressively rose through the rankings.

While Woods was recovering from a near-career-ending automobile accident in February, he has remained faithful to him once again. His son has performed as a caddy for Tiger’s son Charlie in both the 2020 and 2021 PNC Championships, demonstrating their strong bond.

In 2021, LaCava caddied for both Fred Couples and Patrick Cantlay, although his primary duty as Tiger Woods’ caddie remains unchanged. When he was appointed as Freddie Couples’ caddy in 1990, the 67-year-old garnered even more recognition. They went on to win 12 PGA Tour events, including the Players Championship in 1996.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Joe LaCava built a reputation for himself as a caddy for Fred Couples. He worked for the 1992 Masters Champion for 20 years and assisted Couples in winning a total of 12 tournaments. Despite his employer’s need for time to recover after his injury in 2021, LaCava continues to caddy for Tiger Woods.

During the 2018 PGA Tour, Tiger earned a stunning $5.4 million. As a result, we may estimate Joe’s earnings for the year to be between $272k and $544k.

How old is Joe LaCava?

Joe LaCava

Joe LaCava was born in 1955 in Newtown, Newtown, CT, and he is 67 years old. He is the son of Mary Ann LaCava and Joseph Francis La Cava, and he has three siblings named Shalor Tavino, Jane Gallagher, and Robin Kellogg.

Who is Joe LaCava Wife?

Joe LaCava
                                                        Joe LaCava’s Family

Joe LaCava is married to Megan LaCava, and together they share two kids named Lauren La Cava and Joe LaCava Jr.

How Rich is Joe LaCava?

Joe LaCava

The estimated Net Worth of Joe LaCava is between $1 Million to $2 Million USD.

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