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Who was Jaylin Craig? Wiki, Biography, Age, and Facts

DaBaby’s claim of self-defense after fatally shooting a youngster in 2018 has been called into question by a new video. Jaylin Craig, 19, and the musician got into a violent physical confrontation.

Craig and another juvenile approached the rapper at a Charlotte-area Walmart when the two pulled their pistols, according to the musician. Craig was shot by DaBaby because his family was in danger, according to DaBaby. Mariah Osborne, his then-girlfriend, and their two children were there at the time.

DaBaby, whose actual name is Jonathan Kirk, had consistently maintained that he was approached by two young males who threatened him with a pistol when he was shopping with his then-partner and their children in a Huntersville Walmart in November 2018.

Kirk said he acted in self-defense because he feared for the safety of himself and his family. The new film appears to portray a different scenario, with Kirk appearing to be the one who throws the initial punch.

Kirk was irritated when the youngsters recognized him and recommended they take it outside, according to Henry Douglas, Craig’s closest buddy who was there at the moment. Despite Kirk’s claim that one of the youths suggested they fight first, security footage shows Kirk sucker-punching Douglas while Craig stands nearby.

Craig approaches Douglas and Kirk, who looks to be fighting in one of the aisles, in an apparent attempt to break up the fight. Kirk is shown slipping into the floor and picking up a pistol, which he subsequently fires off-camera.

Craig’s mother, LaWanda Horsley, expressed surprise after seeing the newly released tape that the 30-year-old musician may avoid the murder charges and instead receive probation for possessing a concealed weapon. She stated.

The musician boasted about his activities multiple times after he was sentenced to unsupervised probation and a suspended 30-day prison term. Craig published a video for No Tears just four days following his death.

Local news footage of the incident was used in the song video. He also mentioned the incident in his 2020 song Rockstar, where he sang about his 2-year-old daughter witnessing a murder.

While the artist continues to gloat about his activities, Craig’s family has gone public with their story in the hopes that the singer will be charged with homicide.

Kirk was found guilty of concealing a firearm in June 2019 and sentenced to a year of probation with a 12-month prison term deferred. He was not charged with Craig’s murder.

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