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Ivany Wright Wiki

Ivany Wright is 21 years old and Jamaica. She is a Social media influencer and comedian who was shot three times in Kingston on November 14. Later, she was Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) and according to the source she has been released from the Hospital.

Ivany was on the way to buy food with a friend when a car drove up and one of the occupants began firing shots in their direction. Unfortunately, she was hit in one of her legs and her wrist. Marcia (mother) in an interview with Jamaica-star she said.

“I have been always telling her that she needs to let go off social media because she doesn’t have a private life. She needs to limit her social media time because people know her every move. She was getting a lot of threats and I had told her to keep a low profile, but she didn’t listen.”

Before going to the store, she revealed her location on Instagram. Moreover, her father said in October that he has brought a coffin because he was certain that she would be attacked.

Ivany Wright Career

In an Interview, she confirmed that she worked as a Stripper and also slept with men to make ends meet. But, according to Wright, her hacking days are over and she is now focused on breaking into the entertainment industry as an artist.

Earlier, she revealed that she had hacked into other people’s social media pages and only hacked the pages of people who messed with her first.

Ivany Wright Age

How old is Ivany Wright? She was born in 1998 and from Jamaica. She is the daughter of Marcia (mother) and there is not much information about her father and siblings.

In an Interview with stabroeknews.com Wright’s mother said although she knew her daughter was receiving threats, she had no idea that she would have become a target. She described the social media sensation as a ‘troubled’ but sweet child.

“I don’t support the lifestyle that Lexi (as she is affectionately called) is living where she is always on social media but I can only encourage her because she is an adult,” she said. Curently, she has 8.6k plus followers on Instagram.

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