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Who is IShowSpeed? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Height

IShowSpeed, aka Darren Watkins Jr, is a Youtuber and Social media personality. He’s recognized for his gaming and entertainment live streams, and in 2021, he gained over 1 million subscribers in just a few days. IShowSpeed is in the limelight right now for a variety of reasons, and many of his fans and followers are curious about his personal life. This article will offer you all of the answers you require. To learn more about IShowSpeed’s job, connection, Wikipedia biography, and other information, scroll down. Why don’t we talk about it while we’re flying through time?

Who is IShowSpeed?

He’s most known for his raging feud with Talking Ben from Outfit7’s Talking Tom & Friends series, which he typically resolves using the latter’s app’s Telephone function. Since then, his rivalry has become a popular online meme.

He originally created an account on March 21, 2016, and his first video was released on December 21, 2017. On December 28, 2018, he broadcasted his debut Fortnite live stream, which received barely two views on average. In January 2021, he started acquiring about 1k subscribers per week and 350 viewers on his live streams, and he kept growing consistently until April 2021, when he surpassed 100k followers.

His supporters began submitting footage from his live streams and memes about him to TikTok between May and June of the same year, resulting in him collecting 100k new followers each week and reaching 1.1 million subscribers in June alone.

He primarily plays PS4 videogames like Fortnite, NBA 2K21, and Five Nights at Freddy’s four during his live streams while also discussing and interacting with his followers. He appears to be a big admirer of One Piece, with the main character Monkey D. Luffy as his profile image, and he released a rap song called One Piece in November 2021, in which he raps on why One Piece is “the finest anime in the world.”

He also performs music, rapping in a fast-paced style. Shake, which was published in November 2021 and has had 40 million views in three months, is his most popular song. He began working with numerous music producers and began producing songs that were highly popular, such as “Bounce That A$$,” and “Dooty Booty.”

Darren was on Adin Live’s Twitch channel on December 13, 2021, for a live dating program. Several ladies and men were interviewed on the show and answered a series of dating-related questions.

“Say we were the only two humans on Earth, and we had to reproduce to keep the planet going,” Darren asked a woman called Ash. But Ash refused, claiming that their children would have to commit incest in order to continue. “Who gon’ stop me?” Darren then replied and began repeating the sentence in a more aggressive tone.

How old is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed was born on January 21, 2003, in Cincinnati, Ohio, which means he is 19 years old. However, there is less information about his father and mother. His younger sister occasionally visits his room during his live streams to say goodnight or communicate with him.

How Tall is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Who is IShowSpeed’s Girlfriend?

IShowSpeed has not revealed anything about his girlfriend or previous relationship. According to the rumors, he’s dating Ermony Renee.

How Rich is IShowSpeed?

The estimated Net Worth of IShowSpeed is between $2 Million to $3 Million USD.

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