20 Indian dog breeds list, Guard Dogs, Names, Height, Weight, Speed

Indian dog breeds list

There is 20 Indian dog breeds list I’ll explain the types and the powers of each dog.

  1. Mudhol Hound

The other name of Mudhol Hound is Caravan hound comes under the Indian dog breed list. This breed is recognized under different categories by The Indian National Club (INC).

The Mudhol dogs are said to be the most healthy dogs and do not have any Halak issues that are seen frequently. The can survive at different weather conditions and needs a constant training. This Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Rajapalayam Dog

Poligar hound is the second name of this type of dog breed. This comes under the Indian Dog breed list and was primarily breed by Nayakar Dynasty in Tamilnadu.

This breed is said to be a healthy breed and donor have issues in the summer heat. These dogs are mostly used as guard dogs and also for hunting wolf, Boer. This Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Kanni

Beastmaster is the other name of Kanni dog breed. It is a south Indian Sighthound breed used mainly for coursing games. This dog usually breeds for its loyalty and living nature.

They are very agile and light and are mainly used to hunt deer and also for guarding as they can be trained easily. This Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Indian Pariah Dogs

The Indian Pariah Dogs is said to be the most ancient and primitive dog breed known. The bed is known by the Pariah tribe in Tamilnadu.

These breeds were considered as an outcast. However, this breed comes under Indian dog breeds. This Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Chippiparai

This dog breed gets its name from a town in Tamilnadu. This dog breed is said to be very robust and does not need much veterinary care.

This breed of dogs is meant for hunting and doesn’t need a lot of exercises and this Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Indian Spitz

This Indian Spitz dog breed looks similar to a Pomeranian breed. This breed comes under Indian dog breed list. This dog likes to hunt lizards, cats, and rodents. This breed can survive at all health conditions and this Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Gaddi Kutta

This dog is basically found in Northern India and is a Mastiff type mountain dog. These dogs are said to be used by local Shepherds and are a hunting dog. They are strong enough to give a fight to snow leopards and this Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Combai

This a kind of aggressive dog breed found in some parts of Tamilnadu and also in the bordering states of Kerala. These are guarding dogs which have intensive strength and energy. Currently, this breed is breed as the guard dogs in rural areas.

  1. Bakharwal Dog

This breed is mostly found in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and is said to be bred for many centuries by Gujjar and Bakharwal tribes. They were mainly used as guard dogs which comes under Indian dog Breed list. This Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Rampur Greyhound

One of the unique features of Rampur Greyhound breed is that its ability to see. This as an amazing sight that helps out to chase hares and rabbits. It has a long elongated skull. They do not have much Health complications. They can also adjust to different weather conditions.

  1. Kumaon Mastiff

The Kumaon Mastiff Doug is used as the guard dogs in the hilly areas of Kumaon. These are also known as the Indian Mastiff Dogs. These dogs have good skills in guarding but also need some training. They are quite aggressive and show protective instincts towards strangers. This Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

  1. Pandikona

These dog breed got its name from Pandikona taluk in Andhra Pradesh. This is a primitive type hunting dog which can adapt itself to harsh climate conditions. The Pandikona dogs are fearless and have a good hunting instinct.

  1. Himalayan sheep Dog

Bhote or Bhotia are the other names of Himalayan Sheep Dog and its origin is from Nepal. These dogs are mainly used for herding purposes. This breed is not meant in indoors due to its active nature.

  1. Bully Kutta/Indian Mastiff

This origin of this breed comes from the Punjab region of India. Due to the great stamina of this dog breeds, it is used for fighting. It is fearless in nature, has good fighting skills, great stamina and power.

  1. Alangu Mastiff or Sindh Mastiff

This is said to be one of the ancient breeds that were used by the Persian army during the war. Alangu Mastiff breed is very powerful and is mainly used for guarding.

  1. Santal Hound

The name of this breed came from that of Santal tribe in Northern Jharkhand region. The Santal Hound dogs were used mainly for hunting as these dogs are good hunters.

  1. KaiKadi

This dog is a perfect watchdog for houses and big company. This is most suited for large open areas.

  1. Jonangi

This is an Indian dog breed mainly found in Andhra Pradesh. Previously Jonangi breeds were used by farmers around Kolleru for agriculture profits but currently, most of these dogs have been left abandoned.

  1. Vanjari Hound

This dog breed was used in parts of Maharashtra once upon a time. They were used as guard/ herding dogs.

  1. Taji/Taxi

These dogs are very athletic and strong. Taji did have good hunting skills and this Dog comes under Indian dog breeds list.

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