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How Solar power plants work? & How Much Electricity can be Produced!

How Solar power plants work

The solar power plant can generate electricity with the use of sun Ray’s. The solar thermal and concentrated power system are the most commonly used in this era of technology. Solar panels are made up of photoconductive cells which store the energy, in turn, provide electricity, this technology was discovered by element selenium, it’s a form of the semiconductor. It’s eventually scientist discovered that the light energy may cause the freeing of the electron could capture and to produce electricity.

Photovoltaic cells were invented in 1980 and we popularized by space program for to power satellite, the cell will be having both positive and negative to guide electrons into the system. China took interest to start a massive program to complete the largest solar power plant and now it’s an operational this plant is built in an old coal mining where it has been filled with h2o. It producing 150Mw, electricity to 400 homes.

The solar power plant generates electricity in 3 ways they are

  1. Photovoltaic.
  2. Solar thermal electricity.
  3. Concentrated solar power.

Photovoltaic electricity captures the sunlight directly and stores the energy is converted into electricity, photovoltaic means solar cells.

Solar thermal electricity makes use of solar collector which has a mirror for reflecting sunlight and then the heated liquid produce steam, which is nothing but electricity is produced.

Photovoltaic cells are made up of slice two semiconducting materials that are silicon, it is doped with other material, top layer of silicon is doped with phosphorous and bottom layer of material is doped with boron., if we’re dope both with same material then there will be no effect, the top layer had electrons and conducting cells collect the electron and transfer them into wires.

Solar panel plant works on three basic electrical components

  1. Solar panel
  2. Inverter.
  3. Transformer.

The solar panel has a high impact on glasses, when it’s exposed to sin, silicon power absorbs direct sunlight that is photovoltaic cells.

Inverter: The electricity produced by the solar panel is direct current, the inverter converts direct current into the alternate current.

Transformer: Transformer transfer electrical power from on AC circuit to another circuit board by using a magnetic coupling.


Solar thermal electricity

The solar thermal power generation systems concentrate and collect the energy from the sun and this produces a high-temperature heat needed to generate electricity. Basically, all the solar thermal power systems have energy collectors that include Reflectors and receiver.

Photovoltaic Electricity

Solar modules are nothing but a number of solar cells that are connected and mounted in a frame. Researchers have developed a unique type of cell known as the Photovoltaic cells, which is popularly known as the solar panels convert the sunlight that falls on it into electricity.

Concentrated Solar power

The concentrated Solar power which is also known as the “Concentrated Solar Thermal” is used to concentrate the sunlight over the given lenses or mirrors that will result in the increase in heat.

This heat leads to generate electricity from the conventional steam- driven turbine. There is a number of technologies used to concentrate this sunlight to generate electricity.

Some of them are discussed below:

  • Parabolic Trough

It consists of the linear parabolic reflector which concentrates the light onto the receiver. The reflector is positioned in such a way that it will follow the sun during the daylight hours by tracking along the single- axis.

  • Compact Linear Fresnel Reflectors

The uses many thin mirror steps to concentrate sunlight instead of parabolic mirrors.

  • Stirling dish

This method combines a Parabolic concentrating dish with the Stirling engine that would drive an electric power.

Future world will be completely relying on the sun on. Sin is the most ultimate source, never-ending, because all the natural resources on the earth address depleting, because of this reason human beings are started focusing on, solar system, most of the countries are working for the development and to develop slower energy, to provide to the world by the use of natural source, sun.

Most of the countries working seriously on this project to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources. Sun is a planet in the solar system, it is far away distance from the earth planet, the sun is brighter because of the different types of gases are present inside the sun. Sun is furious, brightest, having a high temperature, he is glowing the world with his brightness.

Solar power is the fastest growing technology in India. The company, industries, agriculture, hospitals, are planning to install in all the fields. The Indian government is having a plan to invest the amount in a solar project to give free power to whole India.

India wants to connect solar system across India and provide electricity to the people of India, planning to major reforms on the field of technology. The country is installing a solar system in street lights, and for the industries, and for the public to supply power, to make India should complete getting from non-renewable energy sources. The sun has, the capacity to provide, the whole universe to make bright, it can give the power up to 3,000 trillion years.

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