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Hasan Piker Net Worth: How Rich is an American Twitch streamer?

Hasan Piker, aka Hasan Doğan Piker, is an American Twitch streamer and a left-wing political commentator. After months of anticipating a collaboration, popular Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker eventually had star musician Claire ‘Grimes’ Boucher on his Twitch stream. In November 2021, Hasan announced that Grimes would be joining him on his Twitch feed, which is one of the most popular on the platform.

Along with Grimes, Hasan had Russian feminist group P**sy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova. Even though the musician’s time on the stream was brief, he produced several memorable moments.

How Rich is Hasan Piker?

He formerly worked as a columnist for HuffPost and a broadcast journalist and producer for The Young Turks. He’s one of Twitch’s most popular and subscribed broadcasters, covering news, playing video games, and debating politics from a socialist perspective.

According to Twitch data tracker Twitch Tracker, he’s already broadcast over 500 hours in 2022, one of the top totals on the network. The 30-year-old revealed that he suffers from burnout due to streaming eight hours each day on average. Other streamers have experienced the drawbacks of broadcasting nearly nonstop for most of their waking hours. xQc not only streamed almost every day in 2021 without fail, but he also maintained the top rank for the most hours viewed.

Piker has co-hosted the Fear & Malding podcast with Will Neff, a friend, and fellow Twitch streamer, since 2021. Piker joined the h3h3Productions podcast Leftovers as a co-host on September 26, 2021. In addition, Piker starred in The Gym, a short film released in 2016.

Piker has attributed his left-wing ideas and willingness to speak out about them to his upbringing in Turkey under Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As a result, Piker has been labeled a democratic socialist, a progressive, and a leftist. We can only assume that the YouTuber’s overall net worth is significantly higher now that he has spent close to $3 million on his new home. He earns around $150,000 per month from Twitch and $20,000 from YouTube. In addition, the influencer earns money through a variety of partnerships.

The estimated Net Worth of Hasan Piker is between $3 Million to $5 Million USD.

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