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HAL AMCA – 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft of IAF (NEW)


HAL AMCA is a single seat twin engine, it’s designed for stealth all-weather multirole fighter aircraft. This aircraft is being designed by aeronautical development agency ADA and its manufacturing is going to be carried out by HAL. The HAL is the prime contractor for the manufacturing of defense project for DRDO. The AMCA is the third origin fighter aircraft for India.

HAL AMCA is designed with various future characteristics, Gould air superiority, ground attack and intercepting the enemy targets by bombing. HAL AMCA has incorporated variously advanced future for the fifth generation fighter aircraft. It has supercruise stealth and uses advanced AESA RADAR.To overcome the suppress of the previous generation of aircraft used and designed for superior maneuverability and advanced avionics system.



HAL AMCA is developed for an Indian airfare to make squadron strength strong. In the year 2008 ADA working for the developing of multirole fighter aircraft to replace Jaguar, Mirage 27 fighter aircraft.

AMCA is advanced medium combat aircraft is to manufactured domestically by Hindustan aeronautical limited. HAL AMCA will allow simple maneuverability, superior pitching use performance, especially at low speeds.

The AMCA programme was initiated by ADA to meet the requirement of Indian armored forces. HAL is trying to replace Dassault mirage saffron Jaguar into advance medium um combat aircraft. The ADA is made a strategy to use Kaveri engine in HAL AMCA, but the engine which is still in devilment stage.

Their government released 100 crores in the year 2008 to prepare feasibility of a study of the aircraft in 2 years. The AOA is stated that 9800 crores need to fund for the development of AMCA. From this finding to work new advanced technological development in the aircraft. The HAL to build 3 to 4 prototype, cost 4000 to 5000 crore first. This aircraft is designed for both Navy and airforce.

The design of the AMCA proposal was evaluated with 5 designs are emerged after the intensive wind tunnel testing.

Initially, the design of AMCA was a tailless Delta wing aircraft with the facility of twin-engine but later the design was changed to include horizontal and vertical stabilizers in the design 3B01.

The AMCA is redesigned and stealth fighter characteristics were optimized by use of airframe, shaping and use of composite material, engine cooling, weapon carrying capacity fuselage RAPS for matching of its edges.

The aircraft is made up of special coating for the canopy, it’s weight is about 16-18 tonnes and carries a 2-tonne internal weapon system.

HAL AMCA variants and features

  • Single seat AMCA is for air superiority variant purposes.
  • Twin seat for pilot training purpose and for the Navy use.
  • 3d targeted searchability developed jointly with Israel
  • The new generation LRDE x and band AISA are the most advanced radar used in the stealth fighter HAL, AMCA.
  • The 80%of the body is made up of carbon fiber composite used radar absorbent coating.
  • Forth jammer system to jam enemy’s radar-guided missiles to protect from both air and ground.
  • IRST which is infrared base system and it gives laser warning system self-defense against missiles, multispectral image capture for the measure.

HAL AMCA is an Indian stealth fighter aircraft, Indian defense ministry gave 100 crores to redesign the Dassault MIG-fighter aircraft to strengthen to Indian air force squadron fighter system. Hindustan advanced medium combat aircraft it is redesigning by HAL.

HAL is manufacturing under the guidance of DRDO, ADA it is an aeronautical development agency, building indigenous stealth aircraft to replace India MIG and Jaguar fighter aircraft, which boost the defense system. AMCA is multirole combat fighter aircraft for the 5 the generation to introduce into air force org Indian defense. HAL AMCA is going to be inducted as soon as possible in the Indian airforce. AMCA got recognition and ambitious project for Indian airforce.

HAL AMCA is a fifth generation fighter aircraft. It is a twin-engine stealth fighter aircraft. It is developed by aeronautical development agency and it is going to the manufacturer by Hindustan aeronautical limited. The HAL AMCA is having the following features.

  1. Intercepting
  2. Strike
  3. Supercruise
  4. Bombing
  5. Ground attack

HAL AMCA is having a specification of max takeoff weight is 29,465kg and having afterburner turbofan engine it is having to speed up to2665km/hr and it is having high range 3141km. HAL AMCA is having the capacity to store, armaments, missiles, guns, and hard points.

The future projects of India are under development, it was primarily redesigning by ADA and premiere corrector HAL will manufacturer these projects. India is developing it’s indigenous technology, to introduce into the MIG fighter aircraft, to replace these from Indian air force, they named the project as HAL AMCA. The plan was initially to build 5 prototypes, to manufacturer the aircraft finally for Indian defense. It’s a pride matter for India to build, such an advanced aircraft indigenously.

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