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Genea Sky is a Stripper and she plunged toward the stage after climbing 20ft to the top of a pole. She landed face-first but continued with dance routine immediately afterward and she suffered from a broken jaw, chipped teeth, and a sprained ankle.

The sky was performing over the weekend at XTC Cabaret in Dallas during this incidense occurred. Later, she shared this video on her official Instagram account and also GoFundMe page has been set up to help her cover medical expenses.

On Feb10th she shared a video on her Instagram and wrote “This isn’t for attention. This video is to update everyone and thank you guys for all the love and support. I’m truly blessed and I appreciate everyone’s kind messages. Thank you so much.”

Many prayed for quick recover and one user wrote: “prayers and love to u frfr u a soldier.” Later, another one wrote “So glad you’re ok. Sorry for all the inhuman people that find this remotely funny!.”

The video shows that she landing face-first on the stage but she immediately continued to perform her routine.

Genea Sky posted Emotional Video on her Official Instagram Account.

In the video, Sky said “I pretty much broke my jaw and I have to have surgery on it [on Monday]. I broke some teeth and I got a sprained ankle and I got some stitches and Aside from that, I’m good.” Later, she added I have no broken limbs and I walked away myself.”

“I got up right after it happened, and I’m just really overwhelmed by all the messages.” Then, Sky continued saying that “I’m so thankful for all the positive messages I’ve been getting. I am having a hard time. I am okay, and I’m gonna be okay.”

Genea Sky’s Friend has launched a GoFundMe page to cover her medical expenses.

The page reads, “My friend Genea was in a horrible accident while she was working. She now has a fractured jaw, broken teeth, and a sprained ankle. Her job does not cover the expenses of her medical bills. Since she sustained such serious injuries, she will be out of work for an extended period. Any donations towards her surgeries would be helpful and appreciated! Thank you all in advance.”

Till now $21,579 raised of $20,000 goal. Now, a ton of people has made jokes about the video — which as since gone viral. Even 50 Cent has weighed in, jokingly saying she must’ve died and that the nerves are what made her shake afterward. That said, Genea notes there’s nothing funny about her predicament.

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