Geena Davis Net Worth: How Rich is Geena Davis?

Geena Davis is presently gracing the media headlines for different reasons, numerous followers and fans of Geena Davis are interested to learn about her personal life, well in this article you will find every one of the answers you were looking for. Underneath you will find out about Geena Davis’s Career, Boyfriend, Biography, Wikipedia, and many more. So burning through any time how about we harp on it!

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Geena Davis Net Worth: How Rich is Geena Davis?

Geena Davis Net Worth$30 million USD

Geena Davis is an American actress, writer, and film producer. Geena was born on January 21, 1956, in Wareham, Massachusetts, U.S. She is also known as the Virginia Elizabeth. William F. Davis is the father of Geena and he is a civil engineer and church deacon and her mother’s name is Lucille who is the Teacher’s assistant. She has a brother named Danforth and her parents are from a small town in Vermont.

Geena Davis has completed High School at Wareham High school and later got a bachelor’s degree from Drama Boston University in 1979. Geena had a dream to become an actress since her childhood and later she decided to move to New York City so that she can kick-start her career as an actress. She has struggled very hard and even worked in various types of jobs before she got a break in acting. Earlier, she worked as a waitress, sales clerk and finally was able to get a contract for modeling with Zolie’s modeling agency. Geena Davis got an opportunity as an actress she was a successful model and later in 1982 she made her debut in “Tootsie” movie. Geena is popular for her roles in several movies like Stuart Little, The Accidental tourist, The fly, A League of their own, and Beetle Juice. In 1989 she also won the Academy Award for Best supporting actress. She was also a member of women’s archery in the Olympics.  For the movie “The accidental tourist” Geena has won the Oscar award and she has also won the Golden Globe award for her role in television drama series.

Geena was married to Richard Emmolo in 1982 and after one year the couple got divorced and Geena was married to Jeff Goldblum in 1987 and we’re split up in 1990. And later in 1993, Renny Harlin married Geena Davis and after living together for almost 5 years never divorced. Later after getting separated from Renny, Geena married Reza Jarrahy and even this relationship did not last for long as the couple got separated in 2017.  Geena Davis has three children namely Alizeh (daughter), Kian, and Kali’s (twin sons).

The estimated net worth of Geena is around $30 million USD. 

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