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Who is Gabbie Carter? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Who is Porn Star, Gabbie Carter?

Gabbie Carter is an American porn star.

Porn Star Gabbie Carter’s Career

  • Gabbie Carter made her adult industry debut in 2019.
  • During her first year in the business, Gabbie Carter filmed a wide variety of sex scenes for many popular studios, including BangBros, Reality Kings, and Team Skeet.
  • Gabbie Carter has since established herself as one of the most popular rising starlets in the industry.
  • Porn Star Gabbie Carter Awards and Nominations
  • So far, Gabbie Carter has not won any awards.
  • Porn Star Gabbie Carter’s Personal Life
  • Gabbie Carter was born on December 30, 2000, in Austin, Texas.
  • Gabbie Carter is of Dutch, Irish, and Scottish descent.
  • Prior to entering the adult entertainment industry, Gabbie Carter worked as a substitute teacher.
  • Gabbie Carter currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Who is Porn Star Gabbie Carter’s Boyfriend?

Gabbie Carter is believed to be in a relationship with fellow porn star Jack Kross.

How Rich is Porn Star Gabbie Carter?

As of this writing, Gabbie Carter has an estimated net worth of $1 million. This includes income from her adult entertainment career as well as from sponsorships and endorsements.

FAQ About Gabbie Carter

1. How old is Gabbie Carter?
2. What is Gabbie Carter’s ethnicity?
3. What is Gabbie Carter’s real name?
4. Where is Gabbie Carter from?
5. How tall is Gabbie Carter?
6. What is Gabbie Carter’s zodiac sign?
7. What is Gabbie Carter’s natural hair color?
8. What is Gabbie Carter’s eye color?
9. What is Gabbie Carter’s bra size?
10. What is Gabbie Carter’s shoe size?

1. Gabbie Carter is 19 years old.
2. Gabbie Carter is of mixed ethnicity.
3. Gabbie Carter’s real name is Gabrielle Carter.
4. Gabbie Carter is from Texas, USA.
5. Gabbie Carter is 5’3″ tall.
6. Gabbie Carter is a Sagittarius.
7. Gabbie Carter has brown hair.
8. Gabbie Carter has hazel eyes.
9. Gabbie Carter wears a 32C bra.
10. Gabbie Carter wears a size seven shoe.

(Image Source: Gabbie Carter Instagram)

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