Eli Hayes Passed Away at 26: Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Family

Eli Hayes

Eli Hayes was born on November 5th, 1993, and from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was a filmmaker, Letterboxd user and he became passionate about movies after seeing the films of Andrei Tarkovsky and Chantal Akerman at an early age. He passed at the age of 26 and his death was confirmed on the post on Letterboxd.

Post reads “A friend to this community. A friend to fellow filmmakers. As passionate a cinephile as there ever was. A unique and powerful filmmaker, who could imbue an image with emotion without trying. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Eli Hayes 

Eli has logged more than 13,311 movies on Letterboxd and has 16,898 followers. Capone director Josh Trank paid tribute to Eli Haynes on Twitter, he wrote “Rest In Peace, Eli Hayes. I’m shattered to have missed the honor to engage with you, your art, your writing & your endless passion for cinema while you were here.” Later, he added “Your spirit stays to guide and inspire those who knew you, and those of us discovering you now and in the future.”


However, there is not much information about the cause of his death.


He graduated from Ithaca College with majored in Psychology and Creative Writing, class of 2016. Talking about his career, Eli produced his first short movies, Nobody and Dancing With Shadows, and during that time he was a senior at high school.

After graduating from High School he founded his own production company called Hazel Eye Productions while he was enrolled at Ithaca College. Furthermore, I also began to review the work of fellow filmmakers and directed twelve feature films & approximately one hundred short films, and has written countless cinematic analyses.

His film has widely shown in the U.S., his movies have been shown at film festivals in France and China. In March 2020, he released his latest work, A Florida Melancholy. According to IMDB, Eli has 40 credits as a producer and 41 credits as a director.

In May 2020, Eli Tweeted about his film “A Florida Melancholy” he wrote, “Finally released my baby into the world. I figured, now that I’m reaching the end of the 3rd film in the trilogy, it’s time to release the 1st, “A Florida Melancholy.” I don’t charge $$ to watch my films, so it can be viewed on both Vimeo/Youtube for free.”

He also had self-entitled Youtube channel and his last video was titled “La La La.”


How old was Eli Hayes? He was born on November 5th, 1993 and from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was 26 years old. However, there is not much information about his father, mother and siblings.

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