DRDO AURA – INDIA’S UCAV & Full Specification (LATEST)


The DRDO aura is an unmanned air vehicle is also known for DRDO Ghatak. Aura stands for Autonomous Unmanned Research Aircraft. The project aura is developing by ADA (Aeronautical development research aircraft) and defense avionics research devilment (DARE) are jointly developing indigenous unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

The flight control system and data link pack were developed and designed by ADE and defense electronic laboratory Dehradun. The DRDO aura is having similar capabilities compared to USA bomber aircraft.



  • Aura is an autonomous stealth UNAV is being devoured by DRDO for the Indian Airforce, the design of the aura was made and devoured by ADA.
  • Aura is capable of releasing missile, bombs and precision-guided munitions. The former DRDO chief said that India’s drone would be stealthy flying wing concept with internal weapon bay and a turbofan, Kaveri engine to fit into the DRDO aura project.
  • It is a self-depending high-speed reconnaissance UAV with the front capability.
  • Aura had a medium altitude and carrying two or more guided strike weapons.
  • It is having an onboard sensor for targeting and for the guidance of weapon

DRDO aura status and specification

  • It is capable of deep penetration strikes, suspension of enemy air defense strategic reconnaissance and electronic warfare.
  • It carries processor guided missiles and standoff strike weapon.
  • The aura is self-defense because of radar absorber paint and materials, stealth characters and low observatory features.
  • Aura feature capabilities
  • Air to air capability and is an unmanned fighter
  • Processor guided missiles it will be leaving low heat exhaust, and it has the most advanced future its serpentine air strike.

DRDO AURA is an unmanned stealth bomber, developed for an Indian Air force by an aeronautical development agency. It is capable of releasing missile frequently and also the precision-guided missiles and ammunition. This is a flying wing concept with an inertial navigation system and capacity to carry ammunition.

DRDO aura is a self-depending and reconnaissance and having fire capability. It has specific features on the onboard weapon system. It can engage in varying altitudes, targeting weapon guidance system. Defense electronic system involved in decoking the equipment of the unmanned aerial vehicle. The DRDO has decided to use Kaveri engine unmanned combat aerial vehicle to fit into the UCAV, with afterburner engine and using advanced flight control system.

The DRDO aura is capable of firing launch capacity, the capacity to store precision-guided missiles, bombing, precision-guided missiles, and bomber fighter aircraft, to launch to the designated target. The DRDO is developing this technology for the advance menu too make stronger UCAV, fighter aircraft. DRDO is developed the UCAV, to strengthen the Indian defense system.

The UCAV is an all-weather fighter aircraft, is indigenously built fighter aircraft. The Indian Air force and army planned to induce into the UCAV fighter aircraft. The UCAV is a combat aerial vehicle, the design is more compatible and not complicated, and it is a lightweight. The UAV is having a capacity similar to USA bomber unmanned aerial vehicle. DRDO has a strategy, to develop the advanced unmanned aerial vehicle for India.


Unmanned Stealth Fighter vehicle
National Origin



Operating Crew



1 x Turbofan
The designer

Aeronautical Development Agency

Primary User

Indian Air Force

Under Development


    • DRDO is an Unmanned Ariel vehicle.
    • Both ADA and DARE are jointly developing the AURA project.
    • These are also known as the combat drone.
    • The drones are under real-time human control.
    • DRDO AURA and USA bomber both have similar capabilities.
    • It is capable of releasing missiles.
    • Capable of releasing bombs.
    • It contains precision-guided munitions.
    • Currently, the DRDO AURA program is in the development stage.
    • It is a self-defending high-speed reconnaissance USA with weapon firing capability.
  • This DRDO AURO Ghatak UCAV will be powered by Kaveri engine.

Weapons used:

    • Striking weapons
    • Precision-guided bombs
    • Electronic Warfare systems
  • Suspension of enemy air defense

What will be the Future capabilities of AURA?

It is been known that the AURA missiles have a number of future capabilities and some of them are:

    • It has Low heat exhaust.
    • Precision-guided Missiles.
  • With an Unmanned fighter aircraft, it has Aired to Air capability.

The protection of Aura missile is made by the radar absorber paint, the materials used for its making, and its stealth shape. A number of countries have been involved in the development of unmanned stealth Bomber Aircraft. The AURA (Autonomous Unmanned Research Aircraft) is been jointly developed by ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency), and DARE (Defence Avionics and Research Establishment). In the future, this DRDO AURA project is going to create a milestone in the history of Indian Airforce. This would add more strength to the Indian military and Indian Defence. In the near future, India is said to be one of the superpower nations in the world. This is said to change the fate of the future world powers.

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