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Daniel Goldman Wiki

Daniel Goldman is the attorney and director of investigations with the House Intelligence Committee, is seen following a closed-door hearing at the US Capitol earlier this month.

With the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump set to begin airing live on every major cable news station in the nation tomorrow, the vast majority of viewers will likely be laying their eyes on attorney Steve Castor for the very first time.

Law&Crime reported that Castor has been described as a “Hidden Hand,” the “GOP’s Get-Obama Lawyer,” the Obama “White House[‘s] Bane” and a “Pit-Bull Prober.” Castor, like Goldman, conducted questioning during closed-door depositions.

Furthermore, he appears to have the backing of rank-and-file Republicans, many of whom were quick to highlight his experience and institutional knowledge. Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz told the Daily Beast Tuesday that “He has the longest-running institutional knowledge of most anybody on our side of the aisle. He’s been through several of these fights in the past.”

Daniel Goldman Career

Curently, he is serving as the Sr. Advisor and Dir. of Investigations, HPSCI. Earlier, in 2007 he served as Assitant U.S Attorney at U.S Department of Justice. Later, Daniel was a Legal Analyst at NBC News and MSNBC from June 2018 to January 2019.

In July 2018, he was Fellow at Brennan Centre for Justice and served there for over seven months. Curently, he is the Senior Advisor and Director of Investigations at House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee.

Geas was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 alongside his brother, Ty, and former Genovese crime boss Arthur ‘Artie’ Nigro. The trio was convicted of the contract killing of rival mob boss Adolfo ‘Big Al’ Bruno, who was gunned down outside a club in Massachusetts in 2003, and the murder of mob figure Gary Westerman in the same year.

Daniel Goldman Wife

He was married to his wife Anne Montminy who was a Former Olympian Swimmer from Canada. He first met her during the 1999World Cup diving finals in Wellington, New Zealand.

In 2002, this couple wed at Martha’s Vineyard but this couple later got divorced. Then, he was married to Corinne Levy on October 6, 2013, in New York.

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