Who is Christos Kyrgios? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Girlfriend

Christos Kyrgios is the brother of Nick Kyrgios. The brothers recently split up, according to Christos, after he admittedly “overstepped the mark” in a dispute over Nick’s drinking.

Christos Kyrgios, his brother, has spoken candidly about the challenges he overcame to become the sport’s elite, which left his family “worried sick.” The brothers recently split up, according to Christos, after he admittedly “overstepped the mark” while attempting to mentor Nick as he “tried to drink his way out of his depression.”

Before his highly awaited match on Sunday to determine who would be crowned the current king of grass, the worried brother wrote a column to give readers an insight into the emotional rollercoaster that comes with supporting the tennis great.

The older brother is known for his boisterous outbursts while watching tennis matches from the player’s box and for his encouraging social media messages.

Who is Christos Kyrgios?

Christos is a fitness instructor and trainer for Ally’s Angels & Alphas, a business that focuses on preparing athletes for WBFF professional events. Before entering the corporate field, Christos completed his undergraduate studies and earned degrees in both law and commerce.

Additionally, he has previously advised the Australian parliament on legal and investment matters. Christos is a well-known trainer on his own, but he also gains from the fame of his younger brother Nick, a tennis sensation.

After an event in which he acknowledges he ‘overstepped the mark when attempting to offer guidance during a moment in which Nick was ‘trying to drink his way out of his depression,’ Christos said that the brothers had recently become estranged.

People wouldn’t realize it, but Nick and I had been silent for a time. He wrote for Fairfax, “He was so miserable in himself that he shut away the ones who had his best interests at heart. Although I’m far from perfect, watching my big brother endure the misery he was feeling destroyed me. Mum was utterly concerned about him. We were all.

He struggled to be the person he wanted to be while still striving to be the person everyone else thought he should be, according to Christos.

Christos posted a picture of himself, Nick, and two gorgeous dogs on Instagram on Sunday morning. He also shared an encouraging remark with his 30,000 followers. Following the birth of his first child, George Onyx Kyrgios, with fiancĂ©e Alicia Gowans in June, Christos isn’t at Wimbledon to support his brother.

Along with photographs of the delivery, the parents wrote in an Instagram post that their kid was “better than perfect.”

How old is Christos Kyrgios?

Christos Kyrgios is 26 years old.

Who is Christos Kyrgios Girlfriend?

Christos Kyrgios is engaged with Alicia Gowans.

How Rich is Christos Kyrgios?

The estimated Net Worth of Christos Kyrgios is between $300K to $500K USD.

(Image Source: Christos Kyrgios Instagram)

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