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Chiquita Tate

Chiquita Tate was the defense attorney and was murdered in 2009, Chiquita a high-powered criminal defense an attorney working on a high-profile murder case is herself a murder victim.

She was killed in her own office and according to autopsy report she was stabbed over 40 times, its been 11 years Chiquita was killed but who killed Chiquita?

Who is Chiquita Tate?

She was 34 years old during her time of death and was known as the best criminal defense attorney and before her death, Tate was in the middle of a high-profile murder trial.

In 2009, Chiquita was representing a defendant in a high-profile murder trial.

Chiquita was the hope for a family without a father and a mother, with her good grades she was accepted to the prestigious Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge. Moreover, Chiquita loved the law so much she even had a tattoo of Lady Justice on her back.

Her sister Danita worked as her legal secretary, Chiquita clients have been described as among the most ruthless of criminals. On the night of Chiquita Tate’s murder, she was representing brothers Denako and Dearius Duheart in the 2007 murder of Jason Fourmy.

These brothers are the badest dudes in Baton Rouge and they were accused of beating and burning a man to death, Chiquita represented Denako in the murder case. Furthermore, they got out of the state ultimately dropped the charges against the brothers. However, they were up to go to trial and one of the main witnesses in that crime turned up dead.

Prem Burns Former Prosecutor Described Tate’s Murder as the Most Brutal She Had Ever Seen.

The crime scene was so bloody and the stabbing injuries to Chiquita were brutal and the carpet was soaked in the blood, but strangely no blood was found in the hallway or the elevator.

Prem Burns told in an interview that “Chiquita was stabbed to death and a stabbing, as opposed to a gunshot, is a very personal a very hands-on literally type of killing this was not like she had been stabbed three or four times there were over 40 wounds to her body her face was cut repeatedly as if to disfigure her intentionally to say okay you think you’re so good you
think you’re beautiful you think you’re better than I am let me show you.”

Furthermore, detective notices a shocking clue in the hands of Chiquita and they found a clump of hair, Former Prosecutor Prem said: “it was woven basically through her fingers in a very odd way because had she been fighting and pulling the hair out of somebody’s head first of all if you’re fighting another female or even a male and you take ninety-one strands of hair out of their hand they’d be really stupid after the killing to leave that if I’d been fighting with somebody and they pulled my hair out that’s what I’m gonna take with me.”

Chiquita Tate’s Sister Danita Tate Said Greg Harris Called Her Twice Before Tate was Killed.

Chiquita Tate Husband

Greg Harris is the Husband of Chiquita Tate and they had been together for years and had been married for just over a year when Tate was murdered.

Once, Chiquita called 911 after Harris allegedly became so angry that he grabbed Tate by the neck and choked her, after a year after their marriage, Tate moved into an apartment of her own, revealing to her sister that she had enough of the marriage and no longer wanted to be with Harris.

Greg turns out is the one who called 911 after she didn’t come home from a late night at the office, in a call with 911, Greg told ” She told me she’d be home about an hour or two. And after that, we started calling her and calling her, everybody was calling her, nobody can get ahold of her,” he said.

Later, he told “So, I just came down because when I woke up this morning she still did not answer the phone. So, I just came down to see where, you know, what was going on.”

Chiquita Tate Wallet Was Found at Gardere Lane.

After Chiquita was murdered still had on a very beautiful diamond engagement ring and Tag Heuer watch, and diamond stud earrings. But her purse was still there but the only thing was missing was her wallet and that purse was on Gardere Lane and the person who found it was a beautician who did Chiquita’s hair.

However, the still had her credit cards inside. According to the report, Chiquita’s wallet was thrown at about 10 o’clock that evening in a very bad area of town, and its a very crime-ridden area of town in the middle of the road.

In fact, that’s the same area of town where the brothers Denako and Dearius Duheart hung out. Later, the cops rules out the brother’s hand in the case and investigators believe whoever killed Chiquita planted the
wallet as a ruse (an action intended to deceive someone; a trick).

Does Chiquita Tate Was Involved In a Lesbian Love Triangle?

Detective Elvin Howard, JR told in an interview that the cops got a call from a tipster claiming Chiquita was involved in a love triangle particular female but she never revealed her name, and one of the girls that were
involved in this triangle was a client of hers and this person overheard them saying that she killed Chiquita Tate.

Elvin Howard soon learned that Tate helped the two women adopt a child but it didn’t help the investigator. So, Chiquita Tate was never Involved In a Lesbian Love Triangle.

Who Was That Anonymous Tipster?

The mystery tipster is the sister of Shakila’s husband Greg Harris, Greg got his sister to call the police department with an anonymous tip.

Furthermore, the Investigator found the blood-splattered glasses in the Greg Harris car and police took Greg under investigation, Greg said after bringing Tate dinner at her office he went straight home but don’t believe him they tricked Greg by suggesting cameras mounted along the highway tracked his movements to a street called Gardere Lane in one of
Baton Rouge’s roughest neighborhoods.

Cops tricked him but it turns out the cameras weren’t working, but the ploy worked and Greg quickly changed his story finally admitting he made a pit stop to Gardere Lane south of downtown before heading

Later, Greg Harris told detectives that he went to Gardere Lane to buy steroids and the name of the person that he supposedly purchased the steroids from the guy, but the guy said he had seen Greg in awhile and Greg doesn’t buy sterilized from him.

Around this point Detective connected all this dot and Greg Harris tricked them, Greg took the wallet of Chiquita Tate from her office to make it look like a theft or a robbery and dumped the wallet at Gardere Lane.

He also had scratches on his body and then detectives hammered Greg about a bleach bottle they found at the house, the top on the bottle had a mixture of Greg and Tate’s blood. Then, he was charged with second-degree murder and pleaded not guilty, and Judge sentenced him for 40 years at hard labor.

On June 19, 2020, Harris was still asking for an evidentiary hearing as well as a new trial in the 2009 stabbing of his wife, and his attorney, Rick Gallot, asked that the judge allow the new trial.

Rick Gallotargued that Tate was murdered by Denard Duheart, the now-deceased brother of a former client of Tate’s. However, his requests for the evidentiary hearing and his application for post-conviction relief have been denied.

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