Who is Frank Wycheck Wife, Cherryn Krol?

Cherryn Krol is widely recognized as the wife of Frank Wycheck, the former NFL Pro Bowl tight end who, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 52. His family released a statement revealing that Wycheck fell inside his Chattanooga, TN home, sustaining a head injury on Saturday morning. Tragically, he was discovered unresponsive later that afternoon.

Frank Wycheck is fondly remembered for his pivotal role in the “Music City Miracle,” a moment where his lateral pass set in motion one of the most iconic plays in football history. The statement released by the family did not provide additional details regarding the circumstances surrounding his fall. The football community mourns the loss of this talented player, whose on-field contributions have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Who is Cherryn Krol?

Cherryn Krol is recognized as the wife of the former NFL Pro Bowl tight end, Frank Wycheck. While not much information is available about her personal or professional life, the focus often turns to her late husband’s illustrious football career. Frank Wycheck, known for his remarkable contributions during 11 NFL seasons with the Washington Commanders and Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans, was a pivotal figure in the iconic “Music City Miracle.”

This legendary play unfolded during one of the first playoff games after the 1999 season. In an AFC wild card game in Nashville on January 8, 2000, with just 16 seconds left on the clock and the Titans trailing 15-16 against the Buffalo Bills, Wycheck executed a game-winning trick play.

Cherryn Krol

After the Buffalo Bills kicked a field goal to take the lead, running back Lorenzo Neal caught the subsequent kickoff and handed it to Wycheck. Wycheck, running to his right, executed a pivotal lateral pass across the field to teammate Kevin Dyson at the 25-yard line. Dyson then sprinted 75 yards down the sideline, securing a 22-16 victory for the Titans. This play was later recognized in 2019 as the fourth greatest in NFL history.

Upon Frank Wycheck’s retirement in 2003, he left a lasting legacy with 505 career catches, ranking fourth in NFL history for receptions by a tight end at the time. His exceptional career was further highlighted by three consecutive Pro Bowl selections between 1998 and 2000. Cherryn Krol, as the spouse of this football legend, remains a private figure, and details about her own life are not widely known in the public domain.

How old is Cherryn Krol ?

Cherryn Krol, a resident of the USA, is estimated to be in her mid-40s. Details about her parents and siblings are currently limited, and additional information about her family background is not readily available. Efforts are underway to gather more details regarding Cherryn Krol’s familial connections, and any pertinent information will be sought and shared as soon as it becomes accessible.

Who is Cherryn Krol Husband?

Cherryn Krol and Frank Wycheck united in matrimony in 1995, forging a profound connection that extends beyond the realms of Frank’s celebrated career as a former NFL Pro Bowl tight end.  Their shared journey encompasses the highs and lows, joys and challenges of life, creating a tapestry of experiences woven together through years of companionship.

As partners in love and companions in navigating life’s adventures, Cherryn and Frank’s marriage stands as a testament to enduring commitment and the strength derived from a shared bond.

Cherryn Krol and Frank Wycheck expanded their family with the joyous arrival of two daughters. Deanna, their firstborn, graced their lives in 1991, preceding their formal union in marriage. Subsequently, their family joyously welcomed a second daughter, Madison, in the year 1997. The Wycheck family, comprising Deanna and Madison, reflects the enduring love and shared moments of a family bonded by kinship and affection.

Cherryn Krol

NameCherryn Krol
Net Worth$200K USD
AgeMid 40's
Husband Frank Wycheck

What is  Cherryn Krol Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of  Cherryn Krol is around $200K USD.

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