Who is Bowen Turner? Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Victims

Bowen Turner, a 19-year-old South Carolina man accused of raping three women and found guilty in one case, has stirred controversy with his probationary sentence.

Chloe Bess, the daughter of a pastor who accused Turner of rapping her in 2019, recently spoke with the Murdaugh Murders podcast about how the “serial rapist” yelled her name while hunting for her after the attack as she fled behind a bush.

Who is Bowen Turner?

According to court documents, Turner was sentenced to five years of probation after pleading guilty to first-degree assault and battery as a juvenile offender. Turner, who is accused of being a serial rapist, will not have to register as a sex offender as a result of his plea. He was accused of routinely breaching the terms of his parole after his detention.

Bowen Gray Turner was charged with rape for the first time in October of 2018. According to court documents and Stoller’s family, Dallas Stoller, then 17, accused Turner of rapping and punching her at a party while she was inebriated.

Turner was arrested in that case in January of this year. Turner was accused of sexually abusing another adolescent, Chloe Bess, while on $10,000 bail in the Stoller case. She and her family have also spoken out publicly against what they believe is Turner’s low sentencing.

The South Carolina Victim Assistance Network’s Sarah Ford, who represents the accusers, has stated that she intends to appeal Turner’s sentence. According to court papers, she also requested that Turner be taken into jail for breaking his probation.

According to court filings, Turner traveled to golf courses more than 19 times in violation of his release. He was also accused of dining at restaurants, shopping, and traveling to a vehicle dealership in Georgia while in South Carolina.

Attorney Brad Hutto, a former Democratic state lawmaker and the senate minority leader who campaigned for the U.S. Senate in 2014, made statements that drew attention to the case in 2019.

Turner, of Orangeburg, pled guilty to first-degree assault and battery on Friday. According to the same documents, he was first charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Turner was sentenced to five years of probation by Circuit Judge Markley Dennis. Turner’s name will not be added to any sex offender databases if he follows the rules for the next five years.

How old is Bowen Turner?

Bowen Turner is in his early20s. According to public records, Bowen Turner’s parents are James Walter Turner and Jennifer Baugh Turner. He was born and raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina, where he played football at Orangeburg Prep High School.

During the media frenzy surrounding the case, his mother, Jennifer Turner, erased her social media pages, including her Facebook page. His father, Walt Turner, works for the First Circuit Solicitor’s Office as an investigator.

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