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Who was Barbara Campbell Cooke? Wiki, Age, Biography, Net Worth, Kids

Barbara Campbell Cooke was 85 years old and Widow of the Slain Sam Cooke, according to recent news she passed away and fans and family members are paying tribute on social media. Barbara’s death was confirmed by David Washington, a Detroit radio host, however, her family didn’t make a public announcement.

Who was Barbara Campbell Cooke?

Barbara Campbell Cooke first met her future husband Sam Cooke on the South Side of Chicago, she was 13 years old and during that time Sam was 18. Later, the couple welcomed their daughter named Lina, when Barbara was 17. In December 1964, Sam Cooke was shot dead by the manager of a $3-a-night motel in Los Angeles. Before Barbara and Sam got married they were in a relationship with another person and 1956 they tied the knot even though Cooke’s father disapproved of it. After the marriage, they got settled down in Los Angeles in a vine-covered Cape in the Hollywood area. In 1963, one year before Sam died their third child, Vincent, drowned in the pool and was 18 years old.

Just after three months after Sam’s death, Barbara married her husband’s protégé Bobby Womack, but they received a lot of hate mail, and even once they received a package containing a baby doll in a coffin. Moreover, when Ms. Wilson introduced the couple sitting in the audience, the crowd booed but down the year’s Bobby Womack developed a sexual relationship with the Cookes’ daughter, Linda who was a teenager and once she found Bobby with her daughter in the bed she opened fire but missed Boddy and later they divorced in 1970.

Later, Barbara got married to Mr. Womack’s brother Cecil. Ms. Cooke and Bobby Womack had a son, whom they named Vincent but he committed suicide in 1986 when he was 21 and the reason for his death was drugs and alcohol. In 2017, Boddy died at the age of 70.

Barbara Campbell Cooke Age

Barbara Campbell Cooke was born on August 10, 1935, in Chicago, she also had a twin sister named Beverly. Talking about her education, she attended Doolittle Elementary School. Barbara passed away in April 2021 and is survived by Ms. Zekkariyas and another daughter, Tracey Cooke; her twin sister, Beverley Lopez; and a granddaughter.

Barbara Campbell Cooke Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Barbara Campbell Cooke was between $500k to $1 Million USD.

(Image Source: NYTimes)

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