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Arjun tank mk3 – World’s most destructive battle tank(New!)

Arjun tank mk3

The Arjun tank mk3 it’s one of the world’s best and most destructive battle tank. It was designed and devoured by DRDO, India. Arjun tank mk3 it’s India’s main battle tank, it is backed by superior firepower, protection, and ability. Arjun tank mk3 is the destructive war machine, during any land surface it’s designed to work on all types of land surfaces, it’s a combat battle tank.

Arjun tank mk3 equipped with an advanced warfare technology, it is indigenously designed and developed by DRDO. Arjun is recognized as one of the most sophisticated mobile weapon systems that can lead the charge during any land and combat.

Arjun tank mk3


When India got independence in 1947, cross-border attention was the major cause for an Indian army. Some of the activities are intensified into full-blown wars that threatened the country’s sovereignty. The war began between India and Pakistan in the year 1971. The Indian troops were fought the toughest battle terrain of that desert of Rajasthan, eventually, India had a decisive victory, during the independence of Bangladesh.

The Indian army was thinking for entry of new battle tank and was desperate in search of an answer from the defense system, than DRDO took it as a challenge, to build main bathrooms tank indigenously for an Indian army. It is designed with unique characteristics and multi-terrain challenges, thank is specifically created for an Indian army, that should engage in every Indian terrain and also on desert and land surfaces.

The DRDO build its first prototype of the first Arjun main battle tank, needed to be set up facilities for the mass production to meet the requirements of an Indian army.

Arjun tank mk3 it’s a third-generation main battle tank and designed specifically for an Indian army with unique features and modern technology.

Arjun tank mk3 and Arjun tank Mk2 are world’s disaster battle tank, they are considered as disasters because of mobility, performance and has the capability to perform under various circumstances, finally, Arjun had made its entry into Indian army in the year 2014.

Arjun tank mk3 and Mk 2 has 4 crew member and they are commander, gunner, lander, and driver.

The technology used in Arjun tank mk3 and Mk, the tank was designed and divided mainly into two parts howl and turret. The howl is the lower part of the tank and it comprises of chassis, power pack, and integrated fuel system running with hydropneumatic suspension and fire detection system are incorporated in the tank.

Arjun tank is the world’s most disasters main battle tank, which fascinated because of its mobility and improved technology and design, it’s is ready to fight in all weather condition. Neighboring countries are frightened by knowing about Arjun tank Mk 3, DRDO is still improving its performance and speed and launching facility, to jam the jamming of enemies tank. The Arjun tank is developed by India’s one of the premier military research institutions. Arjun main battle tank is a sophisticated mobile weapon system, that can engage in any land combat.

Arjun tank is warfare system equipped with advanced technology and it is a most destructive battle machine.

Arjun tank is a name of Indian Archer prince, Arjun his name is kept as, from the epic Mahabharata to kept the name Arjun battle tank.

DRDO tested on all the surfaces and terrain areas and decided to introduce Arjun tank is good for warfare system. The neighboring countries are scared because of its launching capacity, and performance.

Arjun is one of the most disasters battle tanks, it is equipped with advanced technology, which meets the requirements of the Indian army. Arjun battle tank is power to do warfare with opposite enemy countries. It is famous because of its advanced technology, it’s in the center of attraction of neighboring and world-class country, fascinated across the globe.

The Arjun tank is the most powerful terrain battle tank. It has a capacity to carry armaments, bombs up to 58.5 tons. Its length is 10.638m and width 3.864m. Arjun tank is a120mm main rifled gun, indigenously developed, discarding sabot ammunition.

India was looking to purchase Russian battle tank to meet the army requirement. Finally, Arjun tank will full fill the requirement of the army, by including world-class technology in Arjun main battle tank. DRDO is ready to full fill the requirements of the Indian army.

Arjun tank is a world-class battle tank. The Indian army is not looking for another battle tank, because DRDO is decoking for an Indian army. Ministry of Indian defense had funded the revenue for the development of Arjun main battle tank, to have the world class features in it. DRDO is interactively involved in this project, for the Indian army. Arjun is a powerful battle tank for an Indian army, it is strengthened the Indian army, about the great of enemy countries.

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