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Who is Andrea Soros Colombel? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband

Andrea Soros Colombel is George Soros’ daughter. Right-wing punching bag George Soros, a Hungarian billionaire, and liberal megadonor have been the go-to target for a long time. While many conspiracy theories surround him and his socioeconomic initiatives, nothing is known about his children.

However, as the controversial Hungarian-born Jewish financier approaches his 90th birthday, his five children — sons Alexander, Jonathan, Robert, Gregory, and daughter Andrea — appear to be carving out their own identities as they step out from under their father’s lengthy shadow.

Who is Andrea Soros Colombel?

Andrea Soros is Soros’s only daughter. She finished her primary studies before continuing her education at the University of New York. She went on to get a B.A. in literature from the University of Chicago and a certificate from the Bard Center for Environmental Policy.

She is presently married to Eric Colombel, with whom she formed the Trace Foundation, which advocates for social justice and human rights. Andrea, who currently works as a fund manager, is one of the Open Society Foundation’s founders.

Eric Colombel is her spouse, and the two of them formed the Trace Foundation, which is committed to social justice and human rights. Andrea Soros Colombel aims to create just, sustainable, and compassionate societies. She is a member of the Open Society Foundations’ Global and U.S. Boards.

Colombel also serves on the board of Acumen, a charity that invests in individuals and enterprises that use entrepreneurship and moral imagination to combat poverty. In addition, she backs various initiatives to tackle climate change and restructure capitalism and democracy to work better for everyone.

Colombel formed Trace Foundation, which promoted the continuity, growth, and vitality of Tibetan communities, concentrating on those in China, and was involved in it for over 20 years. Tsadra Foundation, which fosters the development of wisdom and compassion through the collaborative study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist traditions in the West, has her as a co-founder and trustee. She’s also a board member of the French American School of New York and a consultant for Scenic Hudson and the Bard MBA program.

Who is Andrea Soros Colombel?

Andrea Soros Colombel was born on June 11, 1965, and in the USA, she is 56 years old. She is the daughter of George Soros and Annaliese Witschak.

Who is Andrea Soros Colombel Husband?

Andrea Soros Colombel is married to Eric Colombel. The Trace Foundation, committed to social justice and human rights, was formed by the two.

How Rich is Andrea Soros Colombel?

The estimated Net Worth of Andrea Soros Colombel is between $3 Million to $6 Million USD.

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