Who is Adam McKenzie [Thisjewcanque]? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wife

Thisjewcanque, aka Adam McKenzie, is a Food Blogger, Youtuber, and Social media personality. Adam McKenzie has been in the news recently for some reasons, and many of her fans and followers are curious about his personal life. This page has all of the relevant details. Scroll down to learn more about Adam McKenzie’s Career, Relationship, Wikipedia, biography, etc. Why don’t we concentrate on it when we’re flying through time?

Who is Adam McKenzie?

Adam McKenzie, a Denver native, founded the social media account @ThisJewCanQue in March 2017. The company was created as a method to share an increasing passion for all things outdoor grilling with an ever-expanding worldwide audience, inspired by Instagram material that he found inspirational and educational.

Adam’s new hobby began when he and his wife received a Traeger wood-fired BBQ as a wedding gift. Since then, his skills have improved, his focus has sharpened, and @ThisJewCanQue has become a go-to source for nighttime grilling ideas.

ThisJewCanQue has developed into a lively community of grilling experts and inquisitive newcomers who look to the channels for recipe ideas, grilling advice, and tonnes of photographs of meat since its humble beginnings with just a few hundred followers.

ThisJewCanQue, which is active on every major social media platform, aims to make nightly grilling and smoking accessible and feasible for any backyard chef. @ThisJewCanQue continues to aim to deliver unique, delicious, and simple Traeger grill recipes to the ever-growing community of aficionados as one of the leading social media brands focusing on BBQ.

Adam’s love of hog, beef and all things outside cooking has blossomed into a powerful platform on which fellow BBQ fans have flocked, with a deliberate sense of irony (Adam is Jewish).

Adam is constantly seeking to broaden his horizons and experience new things. He looks at his suburban Denver home with his wife Isabel, baby twins Beatrice and Bodie, and Goldendoodles Halley and Maggie.

Weeknight Smoking on Your Traeger Grill, a published cookbook author (Page Street Publishers, 2021). Available in stores and online across the world. Sociology collaborated with us to produce four custom-made grilling seasoning mixes. Available in specialized stores around the United States and Canada.

How old is Adam McKenzie?

Adam McKenzie is in his 30s.

Who is Adam McKenzie’s Wife?

Adam is married to his wife Isabel, baby twins Beatrice and Bodie, and Goldendoodles Halley and Maggie.

How Rich is Adam McKenzie?

The estimated Net Worth of Adam McKenzie is between $300K to $500K USD.

(Image Source: Adam McKenzie  Instagram)

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