30 plus Small Business ideas and small creative business ideas

Small Business ideas

If you are planning to start a business, then you have come to the right place. I will be showing you 30 plus Small Business ideas that will definitely hold you in starting your business and making better care out of it. You can come out of your 9 to 6 job and start to live a life which you have always dreamt of. You may still have many confusions in starting a business. Need not to worry, I am there to guide you the way.  I will be sharing you some of the business ideas that may help you with your career.

  1. Used car dealership

If you are interested in starting your business related to cars then car dealership will be the right choice. Before you can start Car dealership, you must perform some market research, getting dealer licensee, seeing the location of the business, keep a track on the market prices and also advertising is the major part.

The List of Small Business ideas

  1. Digital media conversion

In the present generation, the use of Cd and VCR is very rare. However, using the digital media conversion you can give the service of these devices by transferring them to a computer. You can also advertise them and get the right customer.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is nothing but sharing your knowledge with the people across the globe. You can choose any topic that you are interested in and then write an article about it. After publishing your article in your blog, you can apply for Adsense. Once the Adsense is approved, then you can start earning.

  1. Real estate agent

Real estate is one of the platforms where you can earn a huge sum of money. But, you might need to have some good communication skills when you are dealing with sellers and buyers.

  1. Travel planning

Starting a travel agency is one of the best options for the people who have some dreamt among of money to start a business. You can start this business with limited staffs and some upfront cost.

  1. Hobby class

You can start this business of some good skills in something like drawing sketches, glass paint, making pots, dancing, cooking class. This is one of the small business ideas which you can start at home with low cost.

  1. Dairy parlor

Nowadays people are searching for good quality products. Starting a milking parlor will be one of the best ideas for a business. You can take a franchise of Mother diary, Amul to start with your own business.

  1. Pet sitting

This is one of the most profitable business plans which one can start at home. All you need to do is watch and care for household pets like cats, dogs while their owners are at work. To start this business, you first need to plan the business, prepare an area for pets, get customer agreement and policies.

  1. Handicrafts

In starting a handicrafts business, you should be a very passionate person. There are many people who love the idea of making personalized things that are very attractive, functional and more affordable.

  1. Part service

One of the most profitable and fulfilling businesses in India is event planning and event planning. To be a party planner one must be organized, social, good communicator and should have a good skill in coordinating and entertaining events.

  1. CCTV and Surveillance

CCTV camera surveillance business is about providing the client the security surveillance system for their business and also for the residential propose.

  1. Laundry service

In present days people are mostly busy with their work. They will not be having time for washing their clothes. This is when the Laundry service comes into the picture. You can set up a laundry service so that people who will not get the time for washing their clothes will be able to give it out laundry.

  1. Ice cubes business

If you are the trying to start a small business from home then this will be one of the best business ideas. Before you start Ice cubes you must know some of the pros and cons. This Business needs a good Ice making facility and machine equipment.

  1. Professional photography

If you are really passionate about photography then professional photography will be the best business idea. You can display a variety of photographs in your portfolio so that the client can choose a photographer based on the portfolio.

  1. Packing Service

If you are planning to start a packing company then you can plan to start a packing Service. In this business, you need to provide the packing Service of God for personal and company purpose.

  1. Corporate gifts

Usually, the corporate gifts are given by the company to their employees. The gifts may include duties, notebooks, keychains, calendars etc. This is a lie investment business which you can start with.

  1. Auto modification service

This is a very unique business but to make the business run more efficiently, you might need to carefully plan the business.

  1. Tour guide

If you are really a motivated person then you can start with your guide business. As the tour guide, you will need to know some of the most interesting places in your city and also about its history. Many tourists like visiting new places and to make their search easier, Your guides will be there.

  1. Domain name buyer

This is one of the home based business opportunity wherein you will have to buy and sell domain names and earn a profit.

  1. Graphic designer

The typical job of a graphic designer is creating logos, website design, business cards, print advertisement, Restaurant menu etc. If you are really skilled enough then this business might be suitable for you.

  1. Wedding/ Glamour photography

This is one of the top money making business plan, but to start this business, you need to have the right photography equipment, create a photography website and build a photography portfolio.

  1. Fragrant candle business

This is a home-based small business plan where you need to buy candles at one point and sell the product with some profit.

  1. Pest control

Lest control business provide service in killing harmful insects, reptiles from residential and commercial areas. These business needs lie investment and high profit.

  1. Aquarium maintenance business

This service provides cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium for the clients, those who do not have time for it. This business needs a prior business plan, good skill in aquarium maintenance, finding clients.

  1. Online Custom Tailoring

Online custom tailoring business is a good business plan for making a good sum of money. Online makes the lifestyle of the people easier and more comfortable.

  1. Pickles and jams

We know that they are a variety of pickles and jams that are available in the market. You can start this business with a small investment and make money within a short period of time. However, you must be aware of the fruits and vegetables that are available in your vicinity.

  1. E-commerce store

E-COMMERCE is one of the booming business industry with low investment capital. If you are planning to start an E-COMMERCE business then you must be aware of the E-commerce niece, business model, build your website.

  1. Website developer

In this digital era, website developing is one of the fields which will never die. You just need to have some basic skills to develop a website.

  1. Home daycare center

In today’s world, the demand for the daycare center is increasing because the parents are busy with their work. But to start this business, you just need to have a suitable place.

  1. Online photo selling

If you are a really skilled and professional photographer you can make money by selling photos to people. Currently, Bloggers and website owner are the biggest consumers of online photography.


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