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20 Indian Dog breeds you Must Know in 2018 New-WaliKali

Indian Dog Breeds

What comes to your mind when I say Indian Dog Breeds? I Know what most of the people think, every dog is the same called  “Stray Dog” Rite,  Actually NO.

According to Recent Survey, there are some 30 Million Stray dogs in India! I know I am using the term “Stray Dog”  because due to accelerated population growth you can’t even determine which breed it is.

But there are some 20 Indian Dog Breeds, which I am gonna show you. Before starting it please “HUMAN” stop beating the dogs, If you bought a dog it doesn’t mean you own it.  You have no rights to abuse the dogs.

1. Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Dog Indian Dog Breeds

The Mudhol Hound, also Known as Caravan Hound it is an Indian Dog Breeds. It is a common pet in villages of  South India, using it for hunting and guarding.

The Indian National Club(INKC) recognize the breed under different categories. KCI (Kennel Club of India) register it as a Caravan Hound  While the INKC uses the name Mudhol Hound.

The Mudhol hound is one of the most healthy dogs to have around and do not have any particular health issues attached to it. Their lineage and breeding have made sure that they can combat the Indian weather conditions. They need a consistent training and a firm trainer and remember that this breed has a nervous temperament inherently and will not respond well to harsh treatment.

2. Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayam Indian Dog Breeds

The Rajapalayam, also known as Poligar hound, were primarily bred and used by Nayakar dynasty of Tamil Nadu and is one of the Indian dog breeds.

This is one of the few  Indian Dog Breeds that has been developed in the country and is almost on the verge of extinction now

The weather is not a problem with this pet as they were bred within the sub-continent and do not have many issues in this summer heat. They do not have many complications when it comes to their breeding and is generally a healthy breed. So they will not be many vet visits attached when it comes to this breed.

This dog is used predominantly for hunting wild boar and as a formidable guard dog. They are Sight hounds by nature but it was proved that by a little training they can be also a Scenthound. All depends on the trainer, it needs wide open spaces and is very affectionate and devoted towards its trainer

3. Kanni

Kanni Indian Dog Breeds

The Kanni, also known as Beastmaster. It is a rare indigenous South Indian Sighthound breed of dog found in the state of Tamil Nadu.

This breed is used mainly for coursing game and Kanni name is called to black and tan coat, where single colored variety is known as Chippiparai.

Kanni means “PURE” in Tamil and was given to this breed for its loyalty and pure-hearted.

These breeds were built to hunt deer as they are very agile and light on their feet. Usually a silent dog, they are great as guards of their owners and easy to train. However, they act independently when on a hunt as is their disposition. This is one of the rarest breeds on the list, almost on the verge of extinction. Due to the lack of proper specimen available, no proper effort has been taken to revive the Kanni breed.

4. Indian Pariah Dogs

Indian Pariah Dogs Indian Dog Breeds

The most primitive and ancient Indian dog breeds known to us that belongs to India is this Indian Pariah. A relative of Dingo, this breed has no trace of genetic tweaking or modification from the human side. Owing to this, they share an appearance with various other primitive pariah-type dogs around the world like the Basenji (Africa), Dingo (Australia), Podengo (Australia) etc.

The Indian Pariah dog was named so in the British era. It draws its inspiration from the Pariah tribe of Tamil Nadu. They were considered an outcast, in the olden times this word had wrong connotations and in some cases was even considered derogatory but not in the canine world and it is one of the Indian dog breeds.

5. Chippiparai

Chippiparai Indian Dog Breeds

The Chippiparai gets its name from the town that it was grown in, Chippiparai, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

It is found in the are around Periyar Lake and it is used for hunting Wild boar, deer, and hare. Also, guard the house.

The Chippiparai is a robust animal needing little or no veterinary care. It is so active during young stages. It does need lots of exercises, as it was and is a breed meant to hunt. Chippiparai is an intelligent breed and a wonderful watchdog. Contrary to the belief that it is a one-man dog, Chippiparai gets along well with people if it is properly socialized. Chippiparai loves human companionship and it hates to be in isolation. It is capable of great speed and can overtake

6.  Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz Indian Dog Breeds

Many people in India confuse the Indian Spitz with the Pomeranian. However, this is completely a wrong notion. These two dog breeds may look somewhat similar but they are completely different from each other and it is one of the Indian dog breeds.

The history of this dog breed links them with the wolves. The Indian Spitz likes to hunt down rodents and pigeons.

The Indian Spitz is the dog with great zeal, energy, and enthusiasm. They are flexible to all the living conditions of India. They can adapt very well to the owner living in a small apartment and in the same way they also fit themselves perfectly and easily in the large farmhouse as well.

7. Gaddi Kutta

Gaddi Kutta Indian Dog Breeds

The Gaddi Kutta is a mastiff-type mountain dog found in northern India, especially states in the western Himalayas region. They are also called the Indian Panther hound, as well as Mahidant Mastiff.

Though Initially bred for hunting purpose, the multi-talented Gaddi Kutta is widely used by local shepherds and they are strong enough to repulse attacks by snow leopards and to have the intelligence to herd stray sheep and goats back to their pens.

8. Combai

Combai Indian Dog Breeds

The Combai is a terrier-like dog breed found in and around the Tamil Nadu as well as bordering areas of the state of Kerala India. It is considered an extremely loyal, intelligent and powerful native breed.

The Combai is a breed of Indian hounds that developed around 500 years ago. Known for their immense strength and guarding skills, these large dogs are still used in some parts of the country as a defender of property. Combai have an elongated face with strong jaws, almond-shaped eyes, a long muzzle with the tip having a dark mask. They have a broad chest with a sleek waistline, straight, sturdy legs, and an upward curly tail.

Originally developed to hunt bear and other large and dangerous animals by the Indian royalty, in recent centuries the breed has served mainly as a guard dog for farmers in rural areas.

9. Bakharwal Dog

Bakharwal Dog Indian Dog Breeds

The Bakharwal Dog is an ancient working breed of dog found in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India, where it has been bred for many centuries by the Bakarwal and Gujjar nomadic tribes as a livestock guardian dog and protector and it is one of the Indian dog breeds.

This breed comes from a cross of the Tibetan Mastiff and the Indian Dog.

They are considered to be among the rarest of herding dogs. Recently, a study has opined that their population is at stake, and in fact, on the verge of becoming extinct. There are currently no breed clubs for the Bakharwal Dog, nor is the breed recognized by any of the major kennel clubs.

10. Rampur Greyhound

Rampur Greyhound Indian Dog Breeds

The breed gets its name from the place of its origin, Rampur, which lies in North India between Delhi and Bareilly, it was the erstwhile king of Rampur who developed this breed.

The most unique aspect of a Rampur Hound is its ability to see. This sighthound has an amazing sight that helps to chase away rabbits and hares. All this is because of the position of their eyes.  These hounds have a long elongated skull with a tapering muzzle. This helps to have a 270-degree field of vision. This is almost twice of what you and I can see. It would not be wrong to say that this hound can see behind its head also.

Rampur Hounds do not have many health complications attached. Their lineage and breeding have made sure that they can combat the Indian weather conditions and maintain health.

11. Kumaon Mastiff

Kumaon Mastiff Indian Dog Breeds

The Kumaon Mastiff, also known as the Indian Mastiff and Bulli and is a rare Molosser type working breed of dog originating in the Uttarakhand state of India.

These dogs were originally bred as guard dogs in the hilly areas of Kumaon in Uttarakhand, it is estimated that there are only 160 to 220 Kumaon mastiff dogs are remaining in India.

They are aggressive dogs and need training and have the great guarding ability and they show protective instinct from the stranger and intruders.

12. Pandikona

pandikona dog Indian Dog Breeds

The Pandikona is a primitive-type hunting dog from Pattikonda taluk-Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh India.

Pandikona is a medium-size sighthound which is adapted to the harsh climatic condition of Kurnool district, and this breed is associated with shepherd families of that region.

There is no breed standard yet, so pandikona dogs can come in many different sizes and coloring and it is a healthy breed.

The Pandikona has an exceptional instinct for guarding and hunting. They are fearless and show a surprising instinct even as puppies of being territorial and it is one of the Indian dog breeds.

13. Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan Sheepdog Indian Dog Breeds

The Himalayan Sheepdog also referred to the  Bhote or Bhotia is a  guardian dog from Nepal.

This mountain dog breed is closely similar to Tibetan Mastiff and may be related to long-haired Kinnaur Sheepdog of Tibet.

Himalayan Sheepdogs enjoy outdoor lifestyles and are rarely seen beyond the regions of India and Nepal. As a powerful and robust breed, the Himalayan Sheepdog is mainly used for herding purposes. The Himalayan Sheepdog is regionally popular as both a loyal companion as well as a working dog.

Due to its active nature, this breed is not meant to keep indoors for a long period of time or in an apartment. The Himalayan Sheepdog is normally used as a herding dog or a watchdog and requires a great amount of outdoor exercise.

14. Bully Kutta/Indian Mastiff

Bully Kutta Indian Dog Breeds

The Bully Kutta/Indian Mastiff is a dog breed that originates from the Punjab and Sindh region of the Indian subcontinent.

This breed was bred to enable a stable cooperative nature in a pack. However, in areas where dog fighting is legal, the breed has been used for fighting due to its great stamina, fighting skills, fearless nature, and power and it is one of the Indian dog breeds.

Theories suggest that, during the British invasion, the British troops were brought to India with his Mastiff dogs in the 1700s.  This breed was introduced into Greece by Xerxes the First when he marched towards this country in 486-465 B.C. The origin of the Alangu Mastiff can be traced back to parts of Rajasthan, the Bahawalpur area of Punjab, and the desert area of Kutch.

Height: 30-44 inches

Weight: 150-170 lbs

15. Alangu Mastiff or Sindh Mastiff

Alangu Mastiff or Sindh Mastiff Indian Dog Breeds

The Alangu Mastiff is an ancient breed believe to have been used extensively by the Persian Army for guarding soldiers camp-sites and enemy prisoners-of-war in their campaigns during antiquity.

Alangu mastiffs are tall and powerful dogs, most often used for guarding or fighting, as they are renowned for their sharp instincts and guarding skills. They are also called a Sindh mastiff and are the successors to the Indian Bulli or mastiffs.

This breed has a muscular body and strong bone gives this dog a majestic appearance.

16. Santal Hound

Santal Hound Indian Dog Breeds

The Santal Hound is named after the Santal tribe among whom it is found in the Hazaribagh district of northern Jharkhand.  It has been used by these tribals exclusively for hunting in both a survival economy as well as in a ritual context in the annual hunts of the tribe called Desom Sendra which have an association with the forest goddess Chandi (and similar to the Arcadian huntress Diana with her hunting dogs).

The Santals call the dog seuta and Kukuand sometimes affectionately tuio which means jackal. The mixture of black or white in the breed may be taken as a mongrel ad-mixture and is absent in the true type found in the jungle villages. The dog is an affectionate inmate of the Santal household in Hazaribagh.

17. KaiKadi

kaikadi dog Indian Dog Breeds

The KaiKadi is of the terrier dog breed, named after a nomadic tribe in Maharashtra, India.

KaiKadi is a perfect watchdog, as a result, the nomadic life they lead watching over herds as well as vermin. The KaiKadi is best suited for large open areas, not for the urban house.

18.  Jonangi

Jonangi Indian Dog Breeds

The Jonangi is also known as Jonangi Jagilam or Kolleti Jagilam is an Indian Dog breeds, majorly found in Andhra Pradesh.

It was once abundantly found around Kolleru lake of West Godavari and Krishna Districts of Andhra Pradesh.

The Jonangi is not recognized by major kennel clubs in India, but this breed is being locally shown in beach festivals of Andhra Pradesh

The Jonangi was once commonly found around Kolleru Lake helping local duck farmers in herding their ducks. Farmers around Kolleru have turned towards much profitable aquaculture and the Jonangi that once helped them herding ducks, no longer have a working function, have been left in the semi-feral state to survive for themselves.

19. Vanjari Hound

Vanjari Hound Indian Dog Breeds

The Vanjari Hound is an Indian dog bred, it is a greyhound type dog used by nomadic Vanjari of Maharashtra, it is also used as a guard dog and a herding dog.

20. Taji/Tazi

TajiTazi dog Indian Dog Breeds

As agile as they are beautiful, Taji is another sighthound dog with an athletic and strong built. It was used for the hunting of fox, gazelle, wildcat, and marmot.


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